About Us

Educating the future, one child at a time

Guru Gobind Singh Ji had a prophecy at Talwandi Sabo about "Guru ki Kashi," a place of enlightenment, where education would be the cornerstone of a just and equitable society. Following the Guru ji's footsteps, the Guru Kashi Society was established to ensure education reached every corner of Punjab. We believe, like Guru Gobind Singh Ji, that education is the key to breaking down barriers and creating a brighter future for all. Our focus is on empowering underprivileged children in rural Punjab, where countless young minds yearn for the chance to learn and grow

Our Mission

Our mission is to Empower children, in underprivileged communities by fostering a love of learning and ensuring equal educational opportunities for all.

Our Vision

A world where every child, regardless of gender or background, receives a quality education and become contributing members of their communities and the global society.

Core Values


Sparking curiosity, igniting a lifelong love of learning.

Nurturing potential, building confidence to chase their dreams.

Open doors for all, breaking down barriers to opportunity.

Level the playing field, ensuring every child can thrive.

Cultivating minds, hearts, and bodies for well-rounded growth. Beyond textbooks, fostering creativity, resilience, and social skills.



Impact We Made


Schools Supported


Students Benefitted


Villages Covered


Impacting Rural Population

We are committed to transparency and accountability